The Brand


Screech and Scratch is a rock and rap music label that has an emphasis on its creativity and relation to its listeners. 
It was established in 2000 in New York, NY. They have two other recording studios in Houston and Los Angeles.

(Brand Inspiration) 

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Logo Design


The Mic

Lightning Bolts

Chest Speaker

Hawk Body


Logo Assets 


Screech and Scratch title_edited.png


Screech and Scratch title_edited.png

Photo Style

The photo style is characterized by grainy black and white with a grungy over tones.

When Color is Needed

Screech and Scratch title_edited.png






This pattern is a mash of branding elements and words that relate to the companies focus.

More Branding





Package Design

Campaign & Web Design

New Artist Search:


Ad Campaign

In order to find the next great addition to the Screech and Scratch team. S&S is holding a three phase three month competition. One 

vacant residence in each of our home cities of New York, Houston, and Los Angeles will be utilized as a recording space for public auditions. The dates will be announced and advertised one month before auditions. After 4 weeks of audition, the public will sift through

all the submissions to vote for the finalists. The winner will then be chosen by Screech and Scratch to be signed to the label.

Announcement Strategies

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Online Ad

Our announcement strategy will be small and precise giving advantage to those who are looking for opportunity to prepare.

Ads will be on our own platforms as well as on specific music

outlet pages such as Sound Cloud. These ads will only informing

of the competition dates and rules.

Ad Examples


(Website home) 


Once the public is fully informed about the new artist search

and audition guidelines.Two weeks before the competition the audition locations will be released to the public.

(Website Store) 

Banner ad of location


Bands and performers will be provided with instruments and equipment in a basic house setting with no audience besides

our crew members. The audition space will be tight and cramped, unflattering, and auditions will be short and to

the point. The pressure is on.

The Peoples Choice

Once all auditions are in, we will post them onto our website where the public will have two weeks to sift though them. They will be able to share and vote for artists to decide the top contestants to be reviewed by the Screech and Scratch team.

The finalists will be informed and flown out to the finally.

The Winners

The competition concert finally will feature current Screech and Scratch artists. All finalists will get the chance to perform and be recognized. At the end of the show the winner(s) will be announced and officially signed to the label live on stage.

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