Project Overview

Light and Sound Interactive Conference focuses on almost all forms of light and sound based technologies as well as all related fields including gaming, health, and more. This three day conference also features art,

a trade show, and career fair. Many companies including leaders in the industry visit to recruit, speak about their work, or sell merchandise. This event is organized and sponsored by The University of 

Rochester and Rochester Institute of Technology

along with the help of the city of Rochester.  

Project Overview


Light and Sound encompasses  so many different fields it is separated into eight categories. With so any speakers, events, and things to see per category attendees miss out or have a very hard time getting to see everything they are interested in.

(All Event Categories)



Vr / Ar


& Audio


Optics &


Display &



The Solution

To save the attendees valuable time we will provide them with an app that easily manages all the conference has to offer. This app also provides opportunity to enhance the conference over all by adding in more useful interactive features.

Getting Focused

Logging in 

Quickly log in with your ticket number and create a profile and add in your business information to share with employers and connections.

Event Live Stream

Points & Awards

To keep people out of chairs and exploring the conference grounds we are broadcasting big events, speakers, and announcements with a live broadcast of the entire event. This broadcast can be muted at any time to give users the option to easily tune in and out.

Attendees can scan codes at events and booths for points. The app keep track of your points and alerts you each time you unlock a prize. Simply show your progress to the prize table to collect your rewards at your convenience.

Adding Contacts

Not only can you collect and store contacts but you can add them even

faster by either touching phones or scanning someones name tag to add instantly.   

Easy Planning

Event Navigation

Once you have decided where to go you can click the area listed next to the event or click on the area labeled with the category to see whats to go visit.

Try It Yourself!

Website Function

The website design focuses on interesting the user to attend the event by informing what the event consists of, an explanation of the many categories, inciting imagery, and plenty of opportunities to click register and even sign up for the mailing list in the footer.



Trade Show

Registration Flow 


The branding is focused slightly more on the light aspect by using many light and shadow affects. 

light is also implemented to capture viewers attention and raise interest in different areas of the conference. The conference strives to highlight the creativity that goes into recent advancements.


Acumin Variable Concept was chosen for its easy readability and broad font style choice.

Color Choice

Image Style

The image choices all have a strong use of light and color to support the creative tone.



Luminescent Cyan 

Optic Magenta 

Sound Wave Blue


Electric Yellow



Social Media

Social media posts will transition through each category and main event to be sure as much information as possible is available.

Each pass features the attendees name,

professional title, Pass valid period, and a

scan code to add a profile to contacts. 

Conference Pass

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