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The Company

App Goal

LIFETIME athletics is high end gym franchise

with locations across the globe.

Their mission statement: Our mission is to provide an Entertaining, Educational, Friendly and Inviting, Functional and Innovative experience of uncompromising quality that meets the health

and fitness needs of the entire family.

Create an innovative voice activated app that makes your workout experience quicker and easier. Record your progress, get tips and get motivated by your apps personal customizable trainer. 


App Features

  • Map and GPS

  • Personalized virtual trainer

  • Professional workouts available

  • Create custom workouts

  • Get an even more personal workout on LIFETIME's app compatible equipment

  • Keep track of your health and training

  • Ask and get advice about workouts with your virtual trainer

  • Use the app with the voice communication feature that allows you to use your app hands free throughout your workout

Story Board


User Flow

  • Find the nearest gym locations

  • Use in app  GPS to run or drive

  • Check into smart equipment

  • Track full workout/ rest time

  • Record data hands free

  • Get feedback and workout stats

  • Have your reps counted out

  • Get suggestions on what to do 

  • Review the days workout

  • Compare progress reports

  • View health details for the day

Here are some examples of the initial set up of the workout app featuring the adjustable workout styles and beginning  information to track your progress.


Featured Pages

Here are some of the main pages of the app that are key to its functionality. The branding was kept consistent with LIFETIMES web pages and images, attempting to keep the over all navigation and feel easy and not distracting to the workout. 


Find us with ease

The built in map and GPS system help you find the easiest routes to the nearest LIFETIME gym. The GPS can be used to drive or run.


Get Verbal Feedback

Tell your personally named trainer to record your workout stats to make your workout even easier. Providing more focus on the lift and not the app


Workout Your Way

Choose the trainer style that fits your needs with adjustable trainer settings. Use one of our specially designed workouts or create your own to fit your needs.


Workout Breakdown

  • Features whats most important to frequent and serious gym goers. 

  • Goals and progress for stronger possibilities for success

  • Tracks time/ calories/ weight 

  • Breaks down progress visually for easy digestion and positive reinforcement 

  • Compare workouts for progress percentages and over all effectiveness