Project Overview


Many fine art programs do not properly prepare artists to create these things self brands effectively

as needed to be successful artist. Emily Potts is an interdisciplinary artist who creates ambiguous 

sub-conscious  based characters in an effort to make the deep connection with her viewers. With this project she now has an artist brand that is quickly recognizable and a professional platform to network and showcase her art.


Pttrn head.png

The word mark represents Emily as a creative exploratory artist as expressed by the shifted and stretched letters. The yellow color is pulled from her works but is also her favorite color. The font used is century gothic, regular for its readability and clean even strokes.  

Applied to Business Card




Social Media

Art Book ad

Changing Hero Image

Page Examples

Branded social media


Portfolio Book


The portfolio book is one of the bigger branding options for an artist. Giving an in depth look in a physical format that allows a more intimate look into the works. It also sets a precedent for future additions and captures the over all style of the artist in this specific moment in time. Amazingly this is Emilys first year of serious attempts at art. The subject matter being the equivalence of all of us in some subconscious form, with this in mind the work is entitled Collective Subconscious

Full Portfolio Book: