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App Overview

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In the world of design choosing colors and creating a palette is no simple task. The brand voice, style, and purpose are all important factors. Color Mob is a new essential tool for all your design projects. Add your team and work together online or on the app testing palettes on your very own files. View suggestions, save your assets and progress, and export your chosen files as needed. 

App Features:

User testing reveals designers prefer more

control over fine tuning color selections no matter what the platform. So Color Mobs color selection process allows for fine tune adjustments for RGB, HSV, CMYK, and HSL and of ourse integrates Hex codes. We've got your project needs covered.

Color Wheel Function

  • Create palette from one color

  • See suggested palettes

  • Select from your saved or team palettes

  • Save colors and palettes

  • Change palette harmony

  • Test a palette on your saved files

Test Palettes

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  • Upload your own black and white svg or eps file to test your colors

  • Select colors and tap a shape to apply

  • Zoom in and out for small detail

  • Save different applications

  • Share with your teams, email, or online

  • Easily go back, redo, or reset your files

  • Tap the top right arrow or swipe left to adjust palette

Save Files

  • Save colors to create palettes later

  • Save palettes to use and edit

  • Save your test files for reference

  • Send files to your email or teams

  • View your saved files anywhere online

Design With Your Team

  • Add contacts via profile email and create teams to communicate 

  • View your teams, projects, files and edit by your self or in a team chat

  • Leave notes and suggestions on files when the rest of your team is busy

  • Change the way you and your team go about selecting a color

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Join In Anywhere

Join your work teams in a design chat to build a palette and test your color choice.

Talk to your group during meetings through message or group phone calls. You can access your files at any time and leave notes to the rest of your team to view.

Team Chat

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Leave Notes

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Mobile Prototype


With the color mob website you can access your files or join your teams discussion anywhere. This convenience is a necessity to make sure your team is fully prepared to make crucial decisions for your brand or project. All major features are included and paired to maximize your efficiency.  


Palette builder

Test palettes

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